Hennessy Gold Cup Competition

Select two horses for the Hennessy Gold Cup on Sat Nov 28th 2015

For the sake of this competition we will assume £50 stakes for each horse in both the win and place markets on the Betfair exchange. BSP will be used to settle the results. It's the exchange equivalent of a £50 each way on each horse if you prefer to think like that. The winner will be the entrant with the largest net profit across both horses. In theory you could win the comp not actually finding the winner but with one or two placed long shots instead.

1st Prize 3 Months Full Membership of Mathematician Betting

2nd Prize 2 Months

3rd Prize 1 Month

Be sure to enter a working email address so we can contact you if you win.

Only one entry per person please.

Any cheaters will be disqualified.

Selection 1


Selection 2



Enter your email here so we can contact you if you win

[ entries with dud email addresses will be disqualified ]




Entry deadline time is 1 pm on Sat 28th Nov

Should your entry be a non runner it will be replaced by the BSP race favourite. Or by the BSP second race favourite if you are genius enough to nominate a second non runner as well.

The order of horse 1 and horse 2 entries does not matter.

You need to select two different horses so you can's select one horse twice to stay within the rules.

In the event of a dead heat we will organise some form of tie break to decide the prize winners.

Any disputes then the organisers decision will be final.

A quick example of tip entry settlement:

You select Red Rum and Shergar. A £50 win bet and place bet is placed on each for £200 stake total. Shergar is a total loser but Red Rum places third at a betfair place bsp of 6.0. Your total return is £50 * 6 = £300. So a net profit for your competition entry of £100.

The vast majority of entrants will already be on our semi interesting free newsletter list. Anyone new to the site who enters this comp we assume also wants added to our free newsletter list. It's super easy to remove yourself if undesired and we never ever pass on user details to third parties.




Our Service In The Press

The Mathematician’s daily email bulletins accrued £5,128.75 from its highlighted bets and delivered a master class in tactical, value betting throughout the year and a welter of profitable supplementary advice in addition to the recommendations I recorded.

~ Guardian Newspaper





Long Term Member Testimonial

"I have been with Mathematician Betting for about ten years now - virtually from the day the service started. I can't remember an unprofitable year. But from a personal perspective profit has not been the most valuable part of the journey, rather, the detailed and intelligent information I have received virtually every day for the last decade.

Why has this information been so valuable?

Quite simply, it has allowed me - through what I have learned from the service - to 'go it alone' and earn a living from my betting independently of anyone else - this has always been my ultimate goal but I could not have done it without Mathematician Betting."














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