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Aintree Festival Cheap Price Deal

The Aintree Festival provides three days of high class racing including of course the famous Grand National. We want to celebrate The Aintree Festival this year with a bit of a deal for you.

You will receive some of the most in depth Aintree Festival research and analysis available anywhere.

I read all the books and the articles you can get for the festival. I see the postings and the blogs. All I can say is nothing I have ever seen has come close to the level of Analysis in my Aintree statistics. Time will tell if they prove to be as good as I hope . That aside there is nothing comparable out there. There should be more competition with others raising their game and pushing me to improve more but all I see are very bland trends elsewhere with little imagination and that's just a shame

Just to demo the style of our messages see a few old Cheltenham Festival messages at the links below. All I really want you to take from those old Cheltenham tips is that I am not throwing random darts at horses. More so my advice is based on a lot of very hard and detailed research work.

Cheltenham Racing Tip

Cheltenham Gold Cup Tip


Join now under our Aintree Deal and you will get

* Coverage of every race in detail and offer more than all others.

* Generic Statistics that have never been seen before

* Full In Depth Statistics for each race

* Full Previews for each race

* Strong arguments for and against horses

* Clear concise selections and bets

* Negatives and Match Bets given

* Bets texted to clients free of charge

* Pin Protected member phone line

* Message board with other members

* Full support services each day

* We will put each race in Context for you.

* No Quibble Refund Guarantee if you are not happy

The Cost

Under this deal you get a two week taster of full membership here for just £14.99. So this deal is NOT just about the Aintree Festival alone. You get extra time as well in order to judge if the service is exactly what you are seeking for the longer term.



Refund Guarantee

Any time within ten days of joining up you are free to ask for a full fast no quibble refund.

I am convinced that once you experience the full member service that you will want to stay on. I have clients on my books who have been with me for in excess of five years. That proves to me I offer a value service clients do benefit greatly from. I can not account for your unique personal taste however. After Aintree is over you can decide if your £14.99 was well invested or not. If not a full zero hassle no strings attached refund option is there and available if you want it.


I have the inside info of knowing the research effort I have already carried out in advance of The Aintree Festival. I am confident of an Aintree Festival profit. My outlook for this service however has always been long term happy members. If worst comes to the worst and the service does not suit you personally for any reason, you are fully protected with the refund guarantee you can use after Aintree. I know for most of you however that your time on the service will have give you a lot of confidence and that you will be keen to stay on for profits over the flat season.


How To Join

Please read and confirm your acceptance of our terms then click the "Join Us" button below.

You will then be transferred to a secure server operated by WorldPay who are the premium choice in online payment processing. There you will be asked to enter your details in a secure environment to complete your enrolment to Mathematician-Betting

For your protection we do not see your card details ourselves.

All customer details we receive to complete the transaction and commence your membership are covered by our Privacy Policy and the laws of the Data Protection Act.

Upon sign up your card will be billed for the sum of £14.99 immediately and then £75 in two weeks time and each month after for as long as you choose to remain a member of Mathematician-Betting.

We anticipate that this will be the start of a long and valued relationship, you however have the choice to cancel further payments at any time.

Cancellation is totally within your control using the WorldPay site. Alternatively you can ask us to do it for you by simply emailing your request to

Just ask for refund inside ten days if you want it. Also note our No Quibble Recurring Billing Guarantee which protects all future months of subscription.

Apologies but this offer was for Aintree and Grand National time only has now expired.

We will run future special offers however.

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Our Service In The Press

The Mathematician’s daily email bulletins accrued £5,128.75 from its highlighted bets and delivered a master class in tactical, value betting throughout the year and a welter of profitable supplementary advice in addition to the recommendations I recorded.

~ Guardian Newspaper



Long Term Member Testimonial

"I have been with Mathematician Betting for about ten years now - virtually from the day the service started. I can't remember an unprofitable year. But from a personal perspective profit has not been the most valuable part of the journey, rather, the detailed and intelligent information I have received virtually every day for the last decade. Why has this information been so valuable?

Quite simply, it has allowed me - through what I have learned from the service - to 'go it alone' and earn a living from my betting independently of anyone else - this has always been my ultimate goal but I could not have done it without Mathematician Betting."












Refund Guarantee

We only want happy members who love the service.

If you join under our Aintree Offer and you find it does not match your unique personal needs, just ask for a full no quibble refund inside ten days of joining.

This is in addition to our normal refund guarantee which protects each and every future month of subscription payments.

In short decide AFTER Aintree if the service was worth paying for or not.


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