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Marketfeeder Pro is software to aid betfair traders.

They were asked the following question:

"How Do I Use MarketFeeder Pro to Make Money Trading?"

They replied:

Firstly, MarketFeeder Pro is a trading analysis application to aid in the decision making process by providing key data and spotting key trends and market movements quickly and in an informative manner - allowing the trader to base their decision to engage in any transation on the basis of sound market analysis.

From the Traders perspective:

MarketFeeder Pro provides user-definable refresh rates, capturing and monitoring data from multiple Betfair markets right down to 0.5 seconds now - that is almost in real-time literally - providing a distinct trading-edge when you consider that Betfair's default is 5 seconds. Market moves can be analysed quicker and decisions based on accurate information and acted upon.

MarketFeeder Pro provides Plotted Graphs on the top 3 selections in any market to instantly spot trend movement visually - providing a complete overview of what are generally the most traded selections in the market, and graphically illustrating which way the market is moving on each one quickly and accurately - How do you profit from this? The ability to spot these trends and act on them in a timely fashion opens up the ability to "off-set" trade. If the graph shows the price is moving outward then it could be profitable to lay and back while the price continues to drift, benefiting from this market movement repeatedly for guaranteed profit, regardless of the outcome (provided the correct staking formulas are applied of course)

MarketFeeder Pro provides Market Volume indicators expressed as a % of the market. Knowing where the money is going can drastically increase the chances of a profitable trade - this key indicator can quickly be used to gauge the "weight" of money in the market for any selection - if there is alot of money being "layed" then this is a good indicator that the price is likely to drift in order to absorb this - using the graphs to confirm this also, the trader has the distinct advantage of not only knowing "where" the money is, but also which way the market is moving with it - to 0.5 of a second if required. The opposite is true - if backers are quickly absorbing the money layed, then the chances are that the price will decrease, providing more opportunity to "offset" bet repeatedly for profit by following the market moves.

MarketFeeder Pro Monitors Multiple Markets Simultaneously - In order to ensure that the correct decisions are made, based on the data provided, it is necessary to "know" what the trend in any given market on any selection is and has been. The Betfair site is clumsy in this respect and MarketFeeder Pro consolidates all relevant market data and presents it efficiently in individual market views. Instead of knowing just what the last 3 prices were, you can now monitor the price changes, movements and trends right from the moment you started to capture the data. This is a huge benefit of the software for traders themselves - it provides an "accurate" reflection of prices and volume right through the trading process.


From the Analyst's Perspective

Because MarketFeeder Pro was developed as a trading analysis tool, the power of Excel was incorporated extensively to provide analysts with the ability to perform any number of calculations within a familiar spreadsheet environment. The professional traders are easily spotted, they are in reality exchange market analsyts who gather, process and base decisions on key market data in a calculated manner and then act upon it for profit when the opportunity presents itself, - much the same way a stock market trader does in regard to trading shares. The Trader/Analysts combined present a distinct profit making machine because they are the ones who consider every pound spent as an "investment" and realistically expect a positive return for this.

Not only can the trader and analyst monitor current markets, but given the power of Excel incorporated, they can now also "look back" at market data retrospectively - and in reality, this is why the Betfair API was developed; to provide a valuable insight into past market trends that can be used to predict future market performance. The ability to monitor, capture and store live market data is the most powerful feature of MarketFeeder Pro.

External Applications can then directly link to the saved data through the familiar DDE easily, further extending its use as the basis for developing exchange trading systems. Real market data on each individual selection with the market, including prices and volumes can be incorporated to "model" real trading scenarios on multiple markets at the same time. There is NO other application known to us that does this in such a powerful, yet familiar way.

What MarketFeeder Pro is NOT
MarketFeeder Pro is only as good as the person using it. We have targeted the use of the software to "professional" traders, not those who are looking for a something that will make decisions and place bets automatically for them with complete disregard for what the market is actually doing at the time. It is not that kind of application. Instead, what MarketFeeder Pro is a tool that, when correctly used, provides the exchange trader and analyst with the ability to spot market trends quickly and act on them. Further, it provides the ability to "look back" at markets in a "what-if" scenario and basically "practice" betting trading strategies and techniques using real market data extracted from real markets on betfair. This can only be of benefit to anyone seriously considering making money on betfair.

A recent upgrade to this betting software was the inclusion of "Triggered Bets"

A triggered bet or just a trigger – in terms of betting online - is an action that is executed automatically as soon as a specific value or expression has met a specific condition.

Triggered bets are the key to a well thought-out trading strategy. Watching the figures on the screen is the first step. Analyzing them and betting on special occasions, when certain conditions are met, is the second step. The speed of your reaction to the combination of prices, back & lay offers and the way they are changing is often the most critical factor of your success in trading. So it is better to let an application do it for you. Our new edition of the market analyzing software for BetFair – MarketFeeder Pro – allows you to implement triggered betting in your every-day sessions at BetFair.

Suppose you monitor the first three favourites in-play and you want to back on one of them as soon as its price reaches 1.5. You can even make the condition more precise: when the price of the runner reaches 1.5 AND the prices of the other runners are greater than - say - 5.0. With the new function of MarketFeeder Pro "Triggered Bets" allows you to do that, and more than that!

Examples of conditions when triggered bets are helpful:

Alert when your available funds are less or equal than the minimum level you have specified .

Bet on a runner when its back price is equal to the median price based on volume

Cancel lay bets on a runner when its price grows up to a certain value

Lay a certain amount on a runner at a best price when its price grows up to a certain value (combined with the above trigger this condition provides a stop-loss facility that saves you from big losses).

Back on each runner when the book is under 100%
alert when the loss for one of the runners is greater than certain value.
back at a slightly higher price when the lay bet on a runners was matched (this is a way how an offset betting can be done).

Bet on a runner as soon as all previous bets got matched or cancelled

Alert when the unmatched portion of a bet for this runner is less that the half of the bet amount.

There are hundreds of other conditions that each trader keeps in mind when he does his every-day betting. It is now possible to implement them in a real-time, automated way with MarketFeeder Pro.

If you have basic knowledge of MS Excel functionality you will be able to create most complicated triggers based on cross-sheet calculations where many cells are involved. We will take up several trigger examples below.

The Cost - To achieve all of the above via the Befair API would cost in excess of £1200 per year on a personal monthly subscription basis (for developers, access increases to a staggering £2,400 per year!). Add to this the cost of actually developing the application to implement the API and you are talking another £1000+ for a professionally built system. MarketFeeder Pro does all of the above for a fraction of that price - so to the professional exchange trader and analyst the cost of MarketFeeder Pro is £0 - it is not a cost, rather, it is an INVESTMENT, that when used correctly is a powerful way to increase trading profitability when trading decisions are made and acted upon



Our conclusion?

A very useful betting aid in the right hands. I anticipate some cunning punters making very good use of the triggered bet facilities.

Marketfeeder Pro


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