What is The Private Service?

The Mathematician-Betting Private Service is a subscription based service for astute punters seeking a long term profit from their betting.

This service has a long history of success in terms of betting profits for members.

Each day you can read my analysis of the days racing where I highlight what I believe to be the best horse racing betting opportunities of the day.

The message goes out to you each morning by email, in addition you can log into to a members area of the site.

I do the hard research work each day so you don't have to.


Bet Analysis

My detailed race analysis is what I am renowned for.

Many services simply give you the name of a horse with little or no explanation as to why it is worth a bet. I would suggest that one reason for this is that they really do not know themselves why it is a bet and therefore can not explain it to you.

Each day I provide detailed race notes on several key races. The race is analysed in great depth taking into account past trend research for that particular race. The final piece of the jigsaw is my own betting experience.

I provide positives and negatives for various runners.

It is an invaluable service for traditional backers, betting exchange layers or betting exchange traders seeking knowledgeable opinion on how to stagger their books.

By explaining to members my thought process I aim to educate you in the ways of a betting professional. You can learn from my thoughts and views thus increasing your personal understanding of how to make long term profits from betting on horses.

I promise that after spending time with my service you will be a smarter punter more capable of fending for yourself!


Got A Sample Of Message Style?

Sure. Follow this link to see a past racing analysis message.

Demo Of Message Content Style


Private Message Board.

The private message board is a valuable bonus for members.

Its purpose is two fold.

Firstly I place my daily horse racing analysis meassges on the board in addition to sending them by email. Thus the boards act as somewhat of an insurance policy should an individual client be facing some temporary technical email woes.

The main purpose of the board however is as a discussion room for members. It is a place to meet and discuss not only bets for that day but also to discuss betting strategy and profitable approaches to betting. You will learn a lot inside especially if you have a desire to learn.



The service is predominantly email / web site based however all clients also have the option of adding in their mobile number to receive a brief sms alert any time I have one of my rare and selective strong Account Bets

If you have been looking for a horse racing advisory service worth joining, you have found it.

Myself and fellow members are looking forward to a prosperous season. I invite you to join our club.

It is time for you to trust your judgment and to make an educated bet.

Quite possibly it could be the best bet you will ever make!

With our No Quibble Refund Guarantee the odds are in your favor.

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