Mathematician Betting FAQ

Clients recieve a detailed E Mail around 10 am each morning. ( Between 2000 and 5000 words) outlining the Days Best Bet and a selection of other races that day where I feel there may be an edge in betting.

Clear and concise bets at the top of the message are accompanied by detailed analysis later in the message.

There is also a full review of the previous days bets. There are very rarely late updates and full betting analysis is combined with how best to profit from the information and guideline prices to take.

Members will detect a desire from the service to pass on tricks and techniques of betting, teaching members How to Bet, When to Bet and Why Bet with discussions of what issues are relevant within the analysis and Why.

There is emphasis on learning and improving people as bettors with members not left isolated in their betting.

Questions and Observations can be made at all times and will be replied to as quickly as possible.

Well obviously not all bets are the same and some require far more preparation than others.

The identification of a possible bet starts at Noon the day before. I will download the cards, print them off and have them to hand. At this stage there will be no betting forecasts as that just muddys the water and steers you in directions that you should not go.

I immediately rule out the races that I know its not profitable to bet in or that don't suit my expertise or style of work. Usually these are 30 runner sprint handicaps, nurserys, big field maidens with many unraced horses or small field tactical races that are not likely to be truly run races. I usually end up with about 6-8 potential races to play in, although there may be others that are identified by particular horses I have noted in running previously which are due to race that day .

The next step is to add my Speed Ratings to each race and identify Class issues and weak over rated horses that are going to be over bet by the public .

Once I get my shortlist of races, which is usually about 4-5 handicaps, with a couple of maidens and conditions races I can get to work.

My next task is to get some sort of historical perspective to see if there is an edge. I am particularly interested in sorting out "blocks" of horses that can't win the race . They can be identified through historical trends, quite often age statistics, weight statistics etc. One example was the Stewards Cup where you can safely rule out every 3 year old that runs in the race as a very safe guide. I always look at previous years results and the types of horses that are needed to win a particular race.

I am not interested at all yet at the most likely winner of the race at all. I want to be able to reduce a 12 runner race to 1 or 2 possibilities , or a 16 runner field to about 3 possible winners and history can help immensely with that task.

Once I have done that I always ring the racecourses for going updates, weather forecasts and assess what the likely ground might be. That in itself helps enormously to rule out many of the field .

I am not interested in betting in races where I don't know what horses are capable of beating me . I want to make sure that my final selection is protected from horses that I can't rate, or whom could improve, or whom are able to win on old form . I don't want the thrills of a race, I want to feel safe and comfortable that my bets are racing with limited risk .

At this stage, usually the night before the race I will have started my message and generally add things I find when I study as I go along. I have one eye on making the next days message as detailed and informative as possible without compromising the study. I am now down to only hand full of horses that can win the races I look at, and I have a mental tissue in my head .

My next step is to cross check every horse I see with information about them, press clippings, notes I have made about their
previous races, comments from their connections, previous analysis I have researched about them which I save etc etc. This often proves very helpfull. I then run a few more statistics and cross check a few things and test ideas out and see if they hold water .

I have now got a very good idea of the Best Bets the next day and I spend the next few hours with the form book and the best possible resource, the Video where I have a large collection of races going back seasons that I play to look at to help get a picture of whether the horse is capable of doing what he or she are being asked to do . The vIdeo analysis is the most important part as it gives you great confidence .

I check some betting markets, make a few phone calls and speak to a few people to cross check certain horses . It pays to talk to other judges as it is a solitary lonely experience and you can get caught up in the study, get stale and miss things. I now have a very good idea of whether I will be recommending a bet or not the next day

Finishing touches are put on my message and then the final thing happens....sleep! . I never make a final decision till I've slept on it and gained a fresh perspective in the morning.

Once that final test has been passed and I am confident that my bet isn't going to collapse in the market or be affected by changing weather conditions, non runners etc then I can send my message.

Then it starts all over again for the following day's business.

This fascinating question is just a cliché, and the tired old answer of "Can't get my bets on" is also nonsense. I do bet the selections I advise, and have finished well ahead every year since 1996. The argument that "no tipster can win" is naive, and full of assumptions. Most don't. My service does.

Basically, I enjoy running the service, I put 100 % effort into it, and enjoy the separate income it generates. If you were to buy shares, and make a profit, you would not give up your day job. You would prosper from both sides. I'm very interested in the educational, supportive and intelligent side of punting, and get great satisfaction from passing on that knowledge.

I'm not going to do it for free though as most wouldn't. If you really get hung up on this point, then simply don't join. I love the teaching and educational side of betting, and my aim is to turn long term losing punters into winners

When you Join you will be able to access the service in four ways.

1. We email clients each days advice.

2. Members are provided with a user name and password for a private web page.

3. Account bets can be sent to you by SMS at no extra charge.

Your login details are emailed to you automatically upon sign up so you can gain instant access to today's information on the website.

The are numerous online bookmaker sites and betting exchanges.
Many give new users free bet offers when they open an account.
Core philosophy is to put shopping around power in your own hands. Optimal theory is to use for an individual horse whichever bookmaker offers you the best price.

A decent starter set could be: Betfair Betting Exchange, Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral, SkyBet.
There are members from all walks of life. The range goes from people who find it hard to make racing pay on their own, to the experts who like to use the service as a Trusted "second opinion".

We basically reccomend that the members who join are commited to making their betting pay and are happy to learn from parts of the service.

We welcome the less experienced members and are nnot afraid to provide practical help and support through E Mails . The whole emphasis is in not losing clients money and turning their losses into regular profits.

If this suits you then this service is for you.

As a general rule the message is available at least one hour before racing starts each day. There is a touch of seasonality with regards to timing. During the winter months racing tends to start earlier in the day and thus messages are sent out a little bit earlier than during the summer months.

I intentionally do not work to a precise to the minute daily time as each day's analysis is different. I prefer to send the message when I am happy with it's conclusions rather than send it just to meet an artifical time point. Late non runners for example often require me to re-evaluate a certain race late on in the message production process. 10 am to 10.30 am however may be a rough average sort of timezone.

You can join immediately using your credit or debit card from the following link Join.

Free trials of the full private service would not be the norm. I may however run the odd special offer on random occasion to those on my Free Racing Newsletter. Any such deals or discounts I tend only to send out via my free newsletter and I do not bother publishing info about them on the website pages.

Sometimes as well I may offer past customers of my Saturday Service a short free trial deal as well for the full service.Think of it from my point of view. If you have invested in a Saturday even just once you are much more of a real person to me than someone who has only registered 100% free on the newsletter using some throw away email address perhaps.

Remember I am excellent at what I do. I work 16 hours a day planning bets days in advance. That hard work should be rewarded. I do make my clients money over the long term. I have no fear in demanding to be paid for the hard work that makes you a winner.

Many of my clients have been with me a very long time. Years and years of continuous membership here. I am not desperate for new clients and by far prefer those who come in with a fair commitment to doing their best to succeed with it.

Free trials can unfortunately attract the more headless chicken like element who jump on stuff for no reason other than it is free. I would rather do a deal for £1 than for FREE because that mere £1 will cuase clients to think a little before they act.

All that said if you have never been a Full Member here before feel free to contact us. Even if we are in no mood to run some dicount deal to all on our free newsletter at that point in time, we may be more receptive to a single individual who enquires politely.

There are several payment options ranging from £75 monthly to better value longer term deals.

Read the following page for details: Join The Full Service.

Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for both the consumer and the retailer during an on-line transaction.

In reality an on-line transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone or by fax.

Information transmitted on-line is encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations, unlike these other methods that use standard medium coding.

WorldPay are one of the largest and most reputable providers of on line card processing services and hence are our partner of choice.

The WorldPay Select payment gateway uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data, protecting both the retailers and their shoppers.

All communication between the shopper and WorldPay is encrypted to the maximum strength supported by the shopper's browser using TLS or SSL (security). Worldpay public web servers are certified by Thawte, a public Certificate Authority, ensuring that shoppers and retailers alike can have confidence that nobody can impersonate WorldPay to obtain confidential information.

All communication between Mathematician-Betting and WorldPay, including the details of the purchase, are encapsulated using Worldpays own encrypted and digitally-signed protocol; this uses a combination of standard methods such as PGP, RSA and MD5 to ensure that the information passed is secure and tamper-proof.

Data storage on WorldPay systems, and the communication between WorldPay and the worldwide banking networks, is regularly audited by the banks themselves.

WorldPay ensure that they stay up-to-date with the latest versions of any third-party code they use, and continually review their own proprietary code, using current best practice at all times.

The cardholder is further protected:

Card issuers protect cardholders from fraudulent use of their card in a “card not present” environment, such as over the Internet or telephone. As the shopper did not sign for the goods they have the absolute right to demand a chargeback if those goods did not arrive or the card was used fraudulently.

Yes of course you can.

Many of my current members have been with me for a long time however all are free to cancel further months subscriptions at any time.

When you join our card processing partners Worldpay will give you details on how to cancel future payments to us from the worldpay site.

This is something you have full control over and we in no way can stop you from cancelling if that is what you wish to do.

Alternatively you can simply get in touch with us by email preferably to and we will do it for you in a swift manner.

With betting one can never guarantee that future results will mirror past successes. I can however guarantee that I will work hard and put in a lot of research and effort on behalf of my members before advising any bet.

A guarantee of sorts is provided when you join. Once you join or make any recurring monthly or quarterly payment, you have a cooling off period of 7 days within which you can ask for a no quibble refund.

Thus you can effectively sign up for the service, investigate the members area and members only forums, not to mention my email messages. If not happy in any way simply call up the guarantee and ask for a refund.

One inside however the vast majority realise that I operate a genuine hard working service. Refund requests are a rarity.

Join The Full Service.

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