Do you give free trials?
Free trials of the full private service would not be the norm.

I may run the odd special offer on random occasion however.
It is sort of traditional for example here now to send all
on my free newsletter list my Cheltenham Gold Cup. analysis along with an option to take up a discounted month of full membership at Cheltenham time.

Sometimes as well I may offer past customers of my Saturday Service a short free trial deal as well for the full service.
Think of it from my point of view.
If you have bought Saturday even just once you are much more
of a real person to me than someone who has registered
100% free on the newsletter with some throw away email address perhaps.

Remember I am excellent at what I do. I work 16 hours a day planning bets days in advance.
That hard work should be rewarded. I do make my clients money over the long term.
I have no fear in demanding to be paid for the hard work that makes you a winner.

Many of my clients have been with me a very long time.
Years and years of continuous membership here.
I am not desperate for new clients and by far prefer those who come in after advance evaluation of the service ( ask questions ) and who have a fair commitment to doing their best to succeed with it.
Free trials can unfortunately attract the more headless chicken like element who jump on stuff for no reason other than it is free.



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