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For starters I would like to make it clear to you that this service is a betting decision making aid not a tipping service!

The statistics form a significant part of my own betting decision making process and influence the bets I advice to members of the full service (currently closed to new members)

What you will get each day when you join are the efforts of my statistical research into that days racing.

You will receive an email with all the key stats for the suitable individual races examined.

The stat service is not for those who need spoon fed decisions each day. It is a service for those who want to do their own final analysis arriving at their own decisions in accordance with their individual approach to betting.

In many ways this leaves members free to follow their own hearts and individual betting style.

From feedback I know some current members are backers of horses. The backers can be split into several camps. Those who back every day, those who wait for strong statistical edges. Some bet singles, others seek to form their own split stake books about the statistically more sound horses.

Others prefer to lay on the betting exchanges favorites with strong statistical negatives.

I understand that many want the simplicity of the name of a horse each day.

Ask your self however how can you seriously learn and educate yourself in the ways of betting using that approach?

Many come to betting fueled by claims of easy riches supplied dubious mail shots. That is not the reality. The simple truth is that you need to work at it if you are to be a success.

I believe subscribers to the race stat service who have a long term desire to be self sufficient at betting will benefit from what I have to offer.

If you are lazy and simply after a quick buck, no need to go any further. I doubt you have the discipline to succeed.

If however you are looking for a statistically based approach to betting and have a desire to learn to be self sufficient in the future, perhaps you should check out what we can offer here.

In addition to the daily emails we also provide a members only forum.

There you can discuss not only the daily races but also any other aspects of general betting you do not understand or are seeking ideas on.

I can not promise to have a definitive answer to every question. Betting is often a matter of judgment rather than simple black and white. I and other forum members will try however to give you the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience where possible.

One past message board question that springs to mind was from a subscriber seeking advice for his forthcoming interview for the job of football odds compiler. He seemed pleased with the feedback and advice he received.

So although with the Race Stat Service the final betting decisions will be your own, you are not left to fend for your self. Use the forums to ask questions and learn from myself and other members.

If you have questions by all means go to our contact page and drop me an email.

If you are ready to take the plunge I suggest you test us out.

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We are predominantly a monthly service covering horse racing action all week but after numerous requests we created a Saturday only access route.

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