The Mathematician Daily Race Statistics Service

Statistical Analysis is Our Edge

Each day the service will offer you a complete statistical rundown of how each examined race has developed over the last 14 years. We will be telling you more information than has ever been available before about several races a day.

Our statistics focus not on general course and jockey information etc but on the individual race in question. Obviously only certain races with a long examinable record are explored.

Betting is changing and getting harder as we are force fed several meetings a day and the wall to wall effect can result in lack of time to properly prepare for winning money.

We don't treat this as a game. Its a serious business as lives and livelyhoods can be affected and there is no room for flippant ill thought out betting.

Ask yourself this. Before you have a serious bet, would you not like to consider the following points?

1) Has a certain age group dominated this race ?

2) Has a certain sex developed a big advantage because of the race conditions over the years ?

3) Do certain weights prove impossible to win with ?

4) What is the ideal preparation needed to win the specific race ?

5) Does the race favour horses coming from a lay off, or does it suit "quick returners" ?

6) Are horses dropping in class the right ones to beat or are they constantly beaten in each race ?

7) Are certain horses outclassed traditionally in the same race each year ?

8) Has the race got a bias towards outsiders or do the shorter priced runners dominate constantly ?

9) Does it matter where you horses last ran and where it finished ?

10) Does the race suit proven stayers or do horses that move up in trip always win the particular race ?

11) Has your horse got enough experience to win the race and what is the record of inexperienced horses in the race ?

12) Are certain horses too exposed to win the race ?

13) What level of fitness is required to win a race ? Is your horse fit enough? You may be very surprised by the answers.

14) Do certain trainers target horses to win each race ?

15) Can you be sure that the horse you intend to bet has no serious statistical flaws in the race you think it will win ?

Statistical Betting however is only one small part of race analysis.

Those who live and breathe horse racing statistics are no wiser than the people who refuse to accept that they play a vital part of analysis. Neither side of the argument is correct. Whilst it should not be the be all and end all of betting, we have discovered that many races each day have strong trends that make certain horses that appear fancied and to be holding strong trends, actually have very little chance whatsoever in the race.

You can look at a form book and a horse might catch your eye. You may even watch its last race on video and like it even more. That is
not enough now. You have to understand whether it is the correct type for the race in question. You have to consider the above mentioned points.

You will be very surprised how many bets you have that you do not realise are asking your horse to do an impossible thing.

You may bet a horse that has ran a certain number of times yet find that the last 100 horses in that race that were as inexperienced had been hammered.

You may feel a horse is fit enough to win but we can show you many horses each day that simple cant win through lack of fitness.

We can show you statistics that will indicate to you horses that are fancied, that others may believe to have great chances and explain to you why you are better off laying them.

We feel we can cut down your losing bets by a radical amount.

We feel that through statistical interpretation we can ensure you back more winners through avoiding historical improbabilities.

We have gone deeper into race analysis than anyone else has over the years. We are not just talking about the Big Races and the "Ten Year Trends" sort of basic analysis you will read about in Racing Publications. We go back further than that. We delve a lot deeper and some of our facts about certain races will shock you !

We are talking about several races each day that 99.9% of people don't even consider have massive advantages and disadvantages to certain types of horses. We will show you why you must avoid certain horses and why some have far greater chances than their odds imply. We will give you the full picture on several races on betting days.

This is the missing link that bookmakers are unlikely not even significantly aware of themselves. We genuinely believe that you will radically change your opinion about certain horses and drastically improve your knowledge, understanding and awareness of how to make money at Racing.


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