Guy had a pretty good Champions Day at Ascot last Saturday.

Book in for this Saturday at

The three races he highlighted at the top of his message produced

Ascot 1.25 SHEIKHZAYEDROAD 14/1 Each Way [WON]

Ascot 3.10 LIGHTNING SPEAR 11/1 Each Way [PLACED]

Ascot 2.35

£4 Win Bet PRETTY PERFECT 25/1
£2 Win Bet JOURNEY 7/1 [WON]

A little further down you would have picked up

£4.00 Each Way THE TIN MAN 7/1 [WON]
£1.00 Saver SIGNS OF BLESSING 12/1
£1.00 Saver TWILIGHT SON 6/1

Certainly no complaints from anyone who
invested the £3 for his Saturday message.

We often attract some reasonably clued up
horse racing people here. We have quite a
few horse owners as clients.
One of them stables with David Simcock
who is trainer of Lighting Spear above.
He tells me that David thought Lightening
Spear above would have won had jockey
"Oisin Murphy done what he was told"

Oisin you muppet you may have cost us an 11/1 winner.
But... I forgive you.
Who else ever does 100% of what they are told to do?
I don't.
My kids don't.
My missus - you've got to be kidding
Guy..once in a blue moon.
You reading this..only when it suits you I am sure :)

Reversing The Flow Of Information

Conventional wisdom may be that info may flow
from stable to tipster. But have you ever heard of
tipsters feeding info to stables?

Well sort of that happened here this week
with an owner passing on some of Guy's
research data to the Trainer of his horse.
The trainer intends to alter future race entry plans
for certain horses based on the extra insight Guy's
research has highlighted to him.

Soccer clubs now companies such as Stats DNA for transfer prospect research.
Perhaps this trainer now has his own extra secret weapon in stats from Guy
to assist his own eye and gut instincts about race placement for his horses.

I am intentionally avoiding precise details - client confidentiality and all that.

This Saturday

Saturday sees a bit of a mix of flat and National Hunt.
Guy says the 2.05 and 5.35 at Doncaster are two races
he will definitely be looking at on Saturday.

Probably he will cover a few at Cheltenham on the NH as well.
Cheltenham certainly featured in his analysis today with an
official bet in a later race.

Guy said of that one today

"A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing
One of two things might happen here
Either I have discovered something about this race
That nobody else knows or very few even consider

Or I don't know things that other people do
About the quality of his opposition
The result may depend on which statement is true
But on the balance of probability he must be a bet"

I guess it can often be comforting to follow
the crowd of other lemmings.
Contrarianism often takes a bit more bravery.

Don't go sticking a rattle snake down your boxers
for the sole reason no one else is doing it.

Educated selective contrarianism is what to aim for.
Work hard - do your homework and then be prepared
to oppose the crowds on selected occasions that suit you.

Anyhow If you want in for this Saturday here is the link
Note the 11am Saturday morning cut off point.
Sort it before then.


Best Wishes
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