Thanks for all the feedback on last week's free newsletter.
A quick summary of all feedback received may be that
for once almost everyone agreed with me.

You as a group would prefer to see a British Horse Racing levy funded on a %
of turnover basis instead of being funding by a % share of bookmaker profits.

Like me you want a better and fairer future world for racing punters and can see that
more likely to happen if the BHA are not 100% focussed on what makes a small
number of fat cat bookmakers the most cash.

Anyhow enough of that make the world a better place personal crusade for now
and back to my day job of trying to encourage you to see the light and spend £3
on Guy's Saturday racing analysis :)

Guy has carried out quite a bit of prep work already into two major races this Saturday.

#1 - The Badger Ales Trophy at Wincanton

#2 - The November Handicap at Doncaster

He actually provided full members with a lot of November Handicap research data today.

One little point of warning extracted from it for any DIY'ers out there
is to be wary that this year the going is not expected to be soft as
it has been for most recent runnings of the race.

Little things such as that it is better to be aware of than to be blindly oblivious to.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see the flaw in trying to find a value winner
based on stats from several past runnings on soft if this years renewal is not the usual soft.
But many out there will be doing exactly that blind and oblivious to a key difference
in this year's unique event.

It reminds me of one of Guy's own key mantras.

"It is not the stats that are important..
It is the interpretation of the stats that is important"

Guy's unique racing brain will be taking all his research info
giving different aspects different weights of importance
based on the unique circumstances of today's race.

There is a lot of hard number crunching but also a lot
of experienced touch and feel.

How exactly he does it is a bit like asking..

How does Leonardo Da Vinci paint a picture?
How does Lionel Messi score a goal?

Anyhow if interested in how Guy interprets those two races
and a few others this Saturday, then book yourself in for the Saturday
racing analysis message at

NB you need to book in before 11am Saturday morning.

Best Wishes
Site Admin

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