Saturday looms again so its a quick reminder
about the availability of our Saturday only daypass option.

[ You may view samples of our detailed race analysis
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One race that caught Guy's eye was
Bangor's 3m 5f Chase

But with Bangor just about passing inspection day
and a fair bit of doubt as to whether it will do so tomorrow
he is instead focussing primary research effort into
The Betfair Hurdle at Newbury.

So I guess he is playing safe.

Spending several hours of detailed advance research
time into a race only to find the meeting abandoned
the next day is not one of life's more pleasurable experiences.

It's hardly politically correct but
..Roll on global warming if it's going to
mean a bit more warmth and dry around here.

Mick Darwin's Theory Of Bookmaker Evolution

I have heard of bookies closing punters accounts
though much more common these days is not total closure
but stake limitations.

Removal of special offers such as BOG from individuals
is also not news to me.

This sort of behaviour is more so a modern era phenomenon.
Bookies of old would have prided themselves in their willingness
to accept a decent bet. Honour and pride were more important back then.

A bit like Charles Darwin and his Galapagos Islands study of evolution
it appears bookies are evolving to have less and less balls.
They are shrivelling and get smaller over successive generations.
So much so I'd suggest any bloke going for a bookmaker traders
job may be best to prepare for the interview by following the old
Thai lady boy trick of strapping their tackle up into their jacksie.

Anyhow last week I mentioned the Bet Jet club offer from RaceBets
as I like offers open to existing and not just new customers.
I did as well suggest that they were perhaps not an optimal
bookie for higher stake winners and more so a spot for
smaller stakes recreational players.

But feedback I received this week from George ( not his real name )
surprised me a bit.

He joined them a few months back and managed
to rack up huge monstrous winnings of a mere £300.

He got an email from them last week advising that
he was no longer permitted to take any advertised
odds price they offered and instead the only options
open to him were SP or Tote Odds.

That's a bit rubbish if you ask me.

As far as I can tell George was not involved
in what bookies may class as abusive behaviour
such as arbitrage or pure bonus abuse.
More so he was picking out a few horses for straight bets.
His terrible sin was winning a few quid more than he lost.

A slim future hope I hold may be that the British Horse Racing
Authority can help stimulate better behaviour in the future.
They are in midst of changing from having to go to bookies
with a begging bowl to get a cut of online action to a system
whereby their income right is more so guaranteed.

So the BHA may be better positioned in future to take
up a stronger stance on punter positive issues.

I'd create a new department titled
"The Dept of Investigation and Sanction Against Bookmakers
Who Bring The Good Name of Racing Into Disrepute."

Or it could be slanted the opposite way around to frame stuff in a positive stance.

"The Department For Highlighting The Achievements of Bookmakers
Who Encourage the Aspirational Side of Punting On Horses."

If there was someone who went around cutting off foliage
on all tall trees then giraffes would never had evolved.

A strengthened by funding right BHA could potentially
act as a stimulator and influencer of how bookmakers
treat racing punters in future.

One simple core premise for example could be that racing bookmakers
had to treat all racing punters equally when it comes to placing a bet.
The current landscape is very much one of strong bookmaker desire to
discriminate and persecute individuals.

And I believe it would be in racing's long term interest
to have it stand out and differentiated from other sports
in the eyes of punters.

Just perhaps the sunshine of new BHA
income rights may engourage them to "grow a set"
to counteract the bookmaker evolution towards

Time will tell on that one I guess.

As for RaceBets as worth it or not?
It depends who you are really.
If a regular winner to decent stakes then they are probably not worth it.
Others however may be very happy to take £300 out of them
assisted by various perks and concessions ....before getting sanctioned.

I guess if you have never been sanctioned in any way by a bookie
and are seeking the experience as some punter badge of honor
... they would be a decent one to target.

Horses for courses as they say

Best Wishes
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