It is a bit nippy out there and the weather
is wreaking havoc on the racing with
multiple abandonments.

I find my mind inventing underfloor
heating for National Hunt courses.
Picture a future of no more frozen
ground and even AI controlled heating
that insured that going was consistent
in nature every single racing day.

Not impossible.
Not very likely to see it soon however.
But who knows. Some day a fresh broom
Abu Dhabi style goliath investor may appear
with buckets of cash and a game plan
to dominate the market with a NH super course.
Race sponsors would no doubt appreciate
the fact that a little bit of cold weather
is not going to put to waste most of their efforts.
Punters as well could be more prone to
plan to visit and advance book local or even on course hotels.
Dependability of product offering on advance agreed dates
could perhaps even help induce some course specific TV deal.

It is pretty crazy to ponder underfloor heating a race course
but not as 100% crazy as it all first sounds.
Just 99% crazy perhaps.


This Saturday

Saturday cards on paper look interesting with
quite a few Cheltenham Festival bound runners
booked in to run.

There is of course significant chance of Saturday meeting abandonments.
All weather Lingfield and Kempton however offer
a degree of insurance.

I have a lot of sympathy for Guy at times like this.
Putting hours of tough research time into a race is hard to
do at the best of times but even tougher to do
with a significant nagging doubt about potential abandonment
hanging over one's head.

His heart will want to be drawn into work on some of those
Cheltenham bound horse races but pragmatism may lead him
to ensure a fair bit of advance study to the more likely to happen
All Weather Saturday action.

Anyhow we are rolling for Saturday as normal.
It will be somewhat in the lap of the weather Gods
as to what courses are running on the day.

If you want to book in for the Saturday only day pass here is the usual link



Cheltenham Festival – The Arkle, RSA Chase and Gold Cup

I posted on our blog and tweeted earlier about the above three races.
Does Guy agree or disagree with a recent Pricewise ante post suggestion?

See the fuller blog post here


Hope you stay warm.



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