Guy opted for a slightly unusually staked bet yesterday
as his "Official Bet.

From his wider initial analysis what he liked most
were two favourites.

With two positively thought of favourites
choices one could make include

A - Bet each as singles
B - Bet a win Double
C - Bet an ew double

Once the races are over the right choice is obvious.

Before the race is run however personality and attitude
I guess will influence choice..

Someone with a throw away fiver for example
may just back the win double.

But what if your stakes were a fair bit bigger and
you would like very much the idea of returning
a fair whack of your stake if results on the day
did not pan out to be 100 perfection?

What Guy did in the end was split his stake up.
He had a 30% of a normal stake bet on each horse to win.
Then a 20% each way double.

In hindsight a win double was the perfection
call as both horses won.

But on future similar days things may not have gone so well.
A winner and a place or two places would not be
uncommon scenarios if such a bet were made 100 times etc.
Often the slightly more safety conscious approach is appreciated
after the result is known.
He structured it slightly akin to a good drawing hand at poker.
The straight flush is on but there are lesser fall back possibilities
of flush and straight as possibilities as well etc.

I don't think such how to stake style stuff is easily classified
into right or wrong.

Often it is more about an individual's attitude.

How highly would you prioritise an increased safety attitude?
Would your outlook change if the stake you were betting was
say £300 and not a fiver?

Getting say 50% or 75% of it back on an imperfect day
may be more appreciated.. yup?

I thought myself his approach yesterday was interesting.
Perhaps it is all more so about being human with emotion
than it has to do with pure cold hard numbers.

Anyhow I thought I would share it with you on the off chance
that it benefits you some future day.
It is not rocket science really.
Simply an alternate way to structure a bet across two horses.
Personal appeal of it will depend on whether you yourself
are more so al "All In" or "Play It Tight" sort of human.

A copy of his full message from yesterday with reasoning is here

We would have many clients here who would following Guy's
often protective outlook staking style quite closely.

Many others will instead do their own thing simply
taking Guy's core analysis as their source of inspiration.

Any how Guy is beavering away right now buried in stats
for the Saturday cards.

If you fancy being in receipt of his Saturday racing message
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Best Wishes
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