Shock - Tipster Tips Losers !

I am not sure if you are used to hearing such stuff from
a racing advisor but this week unusually I had to process
two refund requests from recent joiners.

Guy has also had a few official tip losers and a
few that just broke even for a bit of a loss over
the last few weeks.

So why am I telling you this instead of
doing the usual tipster trick of ramping up
winners and totally ignoring losers etc?

Well quite simply I want you to be better
prepared to succeed.
That may be here with us or elsewhere.

One key point many never appear to grasp
is a reasonable concept of time scale.


Those are three things required to succeed.

Take a quick look at the graphic of Guy's official tip action

Note the small dip over to the very far right.
That is where we are now.
A small dip over the past two weeks.

A new joiner would have lost a few pts over the last two weeks.
After an entire two weeks of membership he had no gleaming new Ferrari
sitting on his driveway.

But is such a thing shocking or unusual?
No it is not.

Look back on the chart and you will see many instances of dips
and level trading as well as the happier time upward spikes.

If you had been on that train ride from the start
would you be getting off now?

I doubt it.
Imagine your protest if someone told you that you HAD to get off.

One truth here is that a client's stay with us can be strongly influenced
by immediate first short time impression.

If by luck of draw they start with a winner they can end up with us for years.

Choose a different start day and it may be a few initial losers
and an immediate jump off the train.

It's human and normal but I do not believe it is the sort of attitude
that will lead anyone to great success.

A lot of bookies shop windows steer you to silly bets
that are high margin for them. You are best to do the opposite
of the advertising they push.

Much the same can be said for a lot of tipster marketing.
High hype holy grail promising quick success with a need
to act quickly to secure a limited and highly sought after seat etc.

Again I suggest you do the opposite.
Instead of short term headless chickenism jumping on sales pressure hype
do the opposite and calmly take time to research services you may like to join.

Your pre research is about you building a degree of advance confidence that
a service may be reasonably long term viable for you.

With that degree of confidence you then set about testing
with a plan that very firmly includes an adequate duration of time.
When this pre set review point is met that is the point to evaluate
and make a fold, stick or even up the ante style decision.

You can even as well agree with yourself a bank management
plan that suits both the style of selections and your own outlooks.

Write your plan down. Sign It.

In many ways you want to be as robotic as possible
completing your plan to fruition with no room for short
term human emotion.

It would not be idiotic to aim long term for a diversified portfolio
of services you can trust.
But better built with care than haste.

None of this is rocket science.
But if adopted it will protect many
mere humans from normal and common
human weaknesses.

If only one of you becomes a more successful long term
winner through following this, then it has been worth me spouting.

Anyhow enough ranting and raving for this week.

Guy is currently working through selected Saturday races
researching in depth for edge. Par for the course
may be about ten races researched and written up with
an official bet strength candidate found in one of them.

The Saturday only people amongst you may book
in at the usual spot if you wish to see what he uncovers.

Best of luck
Site Admin

[This is an online webpage copy from our free newsletter of Aug 11 2016 that we
converted to a webpage because of the core fundamental good sense within]


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