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Special Deal For Readers Of OnCourseProfits

Thank you for bothering to come and investigate
our little site. I do have a very good deal on
right now for On Course Profits readers who
may be interested in taking up their first period
of membership here.

Before we chat about that however
let me first explain a little bit more about the unique
nature of the service here. I'd rather put some of you off
right now than end up wasting your time through
peddling garbage ideas such as
"amazing for every single person in the world".

For starters I do not believe here may be the perfect fit
for total beginners with no experience of horse racing.

Or if you are still seeking the too good to be true
"get rich quick with no thought or work on your part"
style of dubious sales patter, well again I'd suggest you come back again in a few years once experience has taught you
some valuable life lessons.

Primarily I would see myself as a racing researcher and analyst.
I do not believe in miracle systems or methods.
More so I see each race as an individual puzzle to sort out.
Each horse in a race will have both positive and negative factors
and it is a matter of balancing these and assessing
if or not they may offer value in the markets.

I myself put in long hours of daily research.
Typically I will be taking the races apart the day before they run
then my alarm clock will get me up for the day at about 3am - 4am in order to do final research for my 10am client message.

I compile my own unique stats which I find
very useful in shortlisting a multi runner race
down to more likely contenders.
I tend to avoid reporting "obvious" stats.
Common stuff every man and his dog can
can easily see is not likely to be the root
of any significant edge in the markets.


Avid Researcher But Begruding Tipster

In my ideal world no one would ever ask me for a "tip".
I am not a huge believer in the whole concept of simplistic tips.
A client's long term self improvement will more quickly
come about if they can train their mind to interpret research
to suit their own aims and preferences.

Each client will be different as well.
One may be a heavy staker who uses only exchanges
whilst another may have available to them most of the
bookies out there with their array of perks and concessions.
The perfect style of tip for each group will be different.
Even if given the exact same "tip" each will choose slightly different odds and the one with lower odds may win more £ due to their heavier stake. I often believe the world of tipster results data is somewhat of a nonsense and much more to do with marketing men than the real life of differing clients.

I much prefer the concept of clients receiving good solid research
and reasoning from which they can adapt to best suit themselves.

That said despite the concept of "no simple tips" being my personal ideal I do realise that it is semi an idealistic ideal and that many clients
believe they will benefit from me nominating what I like most each day in the form of a tip.

So yes I do official tips somewhat begrudgingly.
But those amongst you who can see them as the
tip of the ice berg of the service and that
all the additional research and analysis has merits
may get a bit more out of your membership.

Think perhaps of the world of sticks and shares where
legendary investor Warren Buffett may pay a researcher to
hunt him out facts, figures and opinion which Mr Buffett
then uses to assist forming his personal final decisions.

Compare that to a beginner who may be attracted to
a high hype get rich quick hot tip penny share guide.

Which of the two character styles above would you believe
is most likely to be long term successful?


This is a copy of a semi recent message that I have converted to a webpage.

If you take a quick peek at that it will more quickly bring you up to speed with the style and nature of things than any words I type here.

Perhaps note in it that I will spend long hours each day at research
to assess multiple races. Those I am most interested after having done my research I will tend to discuss or mention near the top of the message.

Account Bets and Highlighted bets would be my so called Official Tips. Do note they are just the tip of the ice berg however of what is available.
Most clients here will probably not try and use everything each day.
More so a bit like a buffet they can pick out the bits of research that
interest them most personally and leave what they don't fancy.

Anyhow I did say earlier that I would try and put some of you off joining.
There is no picture of a red Ferrari here nor the Spanish villa that could be yours inside a month of joining.
For some of you it may be too early in your trip and none of the above will make huge sense to you. Go earn your educative battle scars dealing with those who will try and convince you to pay for no thought required, get rich quick type miracles.

If however you have been around the racing bush a few times
and see the advantage of having longs hours of racing research effort
and expert opinion provided for you each day as a tool
to assist your own decision making, then perhaps
the service here may be worth you investigating further.

We are blessed here with many loyal long term clients.
Plenty have been with us for more than 5 years on the trot.
Some over a decade in fact. These long duration
client stays here should give a little smoke signal that the service here
should be filed under "credible".
The only way you will know if it is a good fit for you personally
however is if you see it for yourself with your own eyes in real time.

If some see with your own eyes time is of interest then hopefully you will see the logic in checking us out under this special deal
OnCourseProfits have bartered with us on your behalf.

Special Deal

You can get immediate access today for just £1.
That will cover you for your first three weeks of membership.
This I guess is your "close to free" test drive time.
Having paid almost nothing you should feel
no need to urgently start using the information
provided to you. Feel free to take your time and increase
your touch and feel about what goes on here.

THEN after three weeks your subs investment
for the month of time after that would be
discounted to £24.99.

Hopefully by this stage you will
have the experience of the see with your own eyes
£1 three weeks and will more of a believer in the
merits of the service here.

So over all that would be £25.99 for your introductory six weeks.

That would then be your new client intro period over
and monthly charges after that would be at our standard
rate of £74.99.

Your logic from this point on would be that
you may stick with the service longer term if you like it
and are making a net profit after services fees from the
information provided to you.

Hopefully from there we are on a long term win win relationship
just as it has been for many of our existing longer term clients.

If you have your £1 ready we can get rolling right away.




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Our Service In The Press

The Mathematician’s daily email bulletins accrued £5,128.75 from its highlighted bets and delivered a master class in tactical, value betting throughout the year and a welter of profitable supplementary advice in addition to the recommendations I recorded.

~ Guardian Newspaper



Long Term Member Testimonial

"I have been with Mathematician Betting for about ten years now - virtually from the day the service started. I can't remember an unprofitable year. But from a personal perspective profit has not been the most valuable part of the journey, rather, the detailed and intelligent information I have received virtually every day for the last decade. Why has this information been so valuable?

Quite simply, it has allowed me - through what I have learned from the service - to 'go it alone' and earn a living from my betting independently of anyone else - this has always been my ultimate goal but I could not have done it without Mathematician Betting."












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This is in addition to our normal refund guarantee window which protects each and every subsequent future month of subscription payments.



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