Can you win money through stable information ?

Can any tipster give you this ?

Is this the best route to winning money at betting ?

Well I don't think so. I have long held views that there are two types of information. These being what I term "Primary Information "and" Secondary Information"


As opposed to being " Secondary ", I would say that "Primary Information" is information that VERY FEW people get to hear about. This is information that is NOT in the public domain and it is information that can not be bought easily, can't be guessed, can't be found without great effort and expense and cant be bettered. I'd say that no tipster or system can identify it. My point is, that NO tipster can consistently give you Primary Information on a regular basis. They can usually only give you Secondary Information. That's one reason why 95% of tipsters fail.

Certain horses from top stables this year I believe were perfect examples of "Primary" information. These are horses that don't always gallop with other horses and certainly not with "work watchers" peering through binoculars. They are never mentioned in dispatches or gallop reports, they are animals that have a certain amount of ability that has been hidden from everyone including the stable staff, the "pay for information" merchants and the loose talking work watchers. The stable lads don't know and very rarely do the head lads.

The only people in the know are the Trainers and the Owner when appropriate. The Bookmakers intelligence system fails as the money is placed off shore and abroad and it does not cause a ripple in the market. There are clues when this happens. It's often when an horse wins easily when not backed in the market and then goes on to prove its class against better animals. You won't get this kind of information from anyone unless you are Very closely connected in the upper tier of the game.


This is the sort of information that comes from a variety of sources, that is already in the "public domain". Many people "pay "contacts for direct horse racing information. This comes from people like stable lads, head lads, bookmakers, credit offices,and is often not much good.

It's "secondary" in the fact that the information is easily accessible to a significant number of people. Far too many people know about it, bookmakers get it as well, and the danger here is that all you are getting are snippets and part of the" rumour mill merry-go-round" that far too many others have access to. Every day, horse racing is littered with horses that can be described as being "secondary information" horses.

I know from my time in horse racing ownership that most trainers don't tell their staff anything at all that's sensitive. Head lads are kept in the dark when it matters most and the stable lads are very rarely connected to anything that's "hot". A stable lad, or a head lad may see a horse work well, be fit, happy and content and the better ones may be a decent enough judge to predict that the horse can run its best race on any given day and they may have heard the trainer "fancies" the horse on any given day but they don't often get the full picture or the full truth.

You may have heard tipsters say things like "My man at Reveley's says this is very strong " or "my mole at Dunlop's says this worked brilliantly on Tuesday. I certainly have. These people, who are often in underpaid jobs, try and improve their finances by taking money from the desperate who want to get what they see as information from a stable that they feel they can win money from. I can't blame either side here.

I am not against a bit of entrepreneurial initiative by staff or from Joe public trying to gain an edge through greasing a few palms but my point is that almost ALL this information is already known by many people and already in the public domain. All you have to do is watch Betfair and see these "secondary information" horses everyday. They are a dime a dozen but don't assume that the information is special. It's simply too widely known and rarely profitable long term.

Like many I have tried the "private information" route before but unlike most others, I have seen it for what it is and have for a long time believed that this is not the sole answer to making money at betting on Horses. I occasionally receive some strong "Primary" information and on occasions pass that on to members but I do not base my betting or my bets on this form of betting very often. When it happens I make sure that it is private and not generally accessed by the masses.

There is a place for information but I am not a slave to it and you wont win long term if you rely on it to the detriment of other types of analysis. Like many in the industry for years, I have a team of informants and confidants that pass on all their best news to me but experience over many years has taught me to sieve it, examine it in light of many other factors and treat it professionally and assess it for what it is.

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