Profit Chart Over Time

This is a chart of profits made from the official tips over time.

The Level stakes line assumes 1 pt level stake on all official backing tips.






Note that this chart details returns at advised early odds with BOG.

Typically early prices advices are NOT absolute maximum available at the time.
If you are a large staking punter with a history of winning well with bookmaker
restrictions you may have less choice as to where you bet and so may get lesser points profit.
But you may very well be winning bigger £'s per point.
Smaller staking punters with a wide choice of open bookmaker accounts may even have
achieved higher than the above as we often duck using advised odds that are available at
small bookies or ricky prices only available at a single spot etc.

Official results are somewhat of a nonsense as a concept as each individual will face a different set
of constraints as to which bookmakers they can do business with and to what stakes etc.
Experienced pragmatists of course know all this already no doubt.

Spreadsheet Data

More nitty gritty detail is available in spreadsheet format


And this one is semi interesting too. It explores the impact of compounding via the use of always betting a fixed % of your bank.
This is just one of many weird and wonderful ways one could choose to stake and manage a betting bank.
Many betting bank management methods will work if you have core positive value or edge with your bets.
For % of bank betting style this spreadsheet will help you see what % of bank produces the maximum end bank etc?



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