Smarkets Review

Smarkets the betting exchange. Do I like them?

No. Not very much.

See this report in the Guardian for starters.

It raises obvious questions about their ethics.

Why should punters have to drag them through IBAS just to get them to comply with their own stated terms and conditions?

What about others punters effected - are Smarkets now proactively hunting them down and paying them..or NOT?

Perhaps the most worrying line from the Guardian was that

"Ibas believes the account which offered the bet had been hacked"

Would that be comforting to know if you had your card details never mind wads of cash lodged at Smarkets?

Then to add to the above I recently red a forum dedicated to betting webmasters. Multiple webmasters there were complaining about Smarkets. It seems Smarkets wanted to welch on headline promises made to many webmasters who had referred them new business.

At times such actions can be a smoke signal of worse to come. History is littered with betting operators who have gone out of business. Usually it is the punters who are last to find out.

If they are welching on paying webmasters who promoted them and were seeking payment for customers already sent , well that gets my own spider senses tingling.

But of course it may be they have no cash flow worries at all and instead just suffer from low morals and ethics at their heart.

My own call however would be that there are better betting exchange bets for you.

#1 - Betfair - The biggest, the slickest, the most liquid, the most features and options packed. The safest option in my opinion.

#2 - Matchbook - less featured , not so slick but very good value for money with a commission rate of just 2%







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