What Is The Route To Succesful Betting?

There is only one way to win money long term betting on horses.

You simply have to bet in a way that allows you to bet horses that have a far bigger chance of winning than the odds available would imply.

You may have read the old cliche about a flip of the coin. This basically suggests that a random flip of any coin will see a 50% strike rate for heads and a 50% strike rate for tails over a long series of flips.

If you are able to achieve odds greater than the true chance then over time the laws of mathematics and probability dictate that you will make a long term profit..

With racing it isn't actually as simple as that as racing changes in complex ways over a long period of time.

Emotion comes into betting, human error occurs, losing runs happen, horses and trainers improve and deteriorate rapidly, money management problems occur, personal finances dictate stakes at times and successful methods of betting can always be undermined by the evolution of the sport. Markets, weather conditions and so many other factors come into play in the evaluation of "true" chance.

Fortunately horse racing is unlike any form of casino type betting where no mathematical edge can be gained over the house. The fact that human input is involved in both the initial formation of the odds and the fact that popular market sentiment can distort the available odds, throws up opportunites for the astute punter to cherry pick long term value bets.

The aim of this service is simple.

We aim to find opportunities and horses to bet at decent prices that have a far better chance than their odds imply but we set a personal mission to protect clients through a high strike rate . We have not had long losing runs as the bets are protected by being safe with as little risk as possible in the circumstances.

By aiming to keep the strike rate high and prices long, we try to protect you from all the baggage that comes from indiscipline, over confidence and long sequences of losers.

How do we do that ?

That's the simple part to understand. If an odds compiler spends three hours on a race, a bookmaker spends two hours , a journalist spends one hour on a race and a trainer spends 30 minutes on a race, then we spend four hours on that race and make sure we get it as right as we can. Then only if a discernable edge in our favour is revealed do we recommend a bet at one of the online bookmakers

There are no short cuts. The harder you work and the more study you give to any contest, test, race or bet then the more edge you will have.

Clients see this work each day in the messages and they are paying for that work rather than having to do it themselves. There is no secret. Anyone can do it with sufficient experience, time and hard work but some choose not to have to do so and are prepared to pay others for a quality job.

That's where we come in . The only method I know that works for me is Blood, Sweat, Tears and Hard Work .

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