Reviews and Words From Our Members

Below is a selection of unsolicited comments made by existing members.

Comments from their bookmakers would be unprintable.

"I have subscribed to many services that promise to provide you with winners, but this is by far the best one and the best value for money service I have come across.

Guy puts in so much effort to provide detailed statistical information on selected races which shows how he has come to the conclusion of his selection. His results are fantastic, as well as regular winning definite bets he provides you with information and suggestions on other races that leads you to further winners.

His service is incredibly valuable and profitable, and im thrilled with it."

- DT

"I love this service and it is by far the best I have tried. It is very good value for money and has led me to land four figure wins on say ten occasions over the past year. Just yesterday two horses were singled out and my £60 win double returned over £1,450. My biggest day to date with this service was £5,434.04 on a £60 win treble."

- JB

"I have been with Mathematician Betting for about ten years now - virtually from the day the service started. I can't remember an unprofitable year. But from a personal perspective profit has not been the most valuable part of the journey, rather, the detailed and intelligent information I have received virtually every day for the last decade.

Why has this information been so valuable?

Quite simply, it has allowed me - through what I have learned from the service - to 'go it alone' and earn a living from my betting independently of anyone else - this has always been my ultimate goal but I could not have done it without Mathematician Betting.

I would urge anyone - novices and experienced punters alike - to sign up. "Maths" has to be one of the best analysts in the country - you'll realise this from the very first racing message that you receive."


"Hoh Hoh Hoh,.... what a week we are having,....!!!
and you claim to be the master of sand,... bollox,..... you are just The Master!"

"Hi, I would just like to say a big thank you for your magnificent work. Your expertise is without doubt the best I've ever come across and I've tried a few. You have a rare talent and I really appreciate all the work you put into your service . I certainly don't mind waiting for quality rather than quantity. I just hope you feel the desire to keep the service going as I and I am sure everyone else would be devasted if you decided to quit. All the very best. "

"Whilst I've only been a member of your service for a couple of months, I've quickly come to learn that yours is the most genuine, value for money and profitable service around. The mix of education and profitability has been perfect for me and the subscriptions would have been well worth paying even if we had only maintained zero profit / loss!"

"Guy, Congratulations once again on a superb season.
I could write for hours about how impressed I am, but I don't need to because you know how good you are ;-)"

"You have done us proud. A straighter and more honest man I have never dealt with in this business."

"This week I have had a new jacket and now have enough for a great night out tomorrow!!!! I am sure that you aren't supposed to blow the profits but then again, what the hell!!!"

"You are a REAL tipster in ever sense of the word, and a true genius, long may it continue..."

"It's consistency that counts and the ability to turn a profit,... which is what your doing oh so well.
I think it time you adjusted your pricing for the service. "

" I really don't know how you do it. On at the races nobody hardly gave suggestive a mention but there you go, a big 5 lengths and a brilliant price of 13/2 "

"Just wanted to thank you in general for the ongoing service you provide and congratulate you on your recent excellent form and we still have the all-weather to come which I feel is an area in which your advice truly excels. "

" Hi Maths
Just a short note to say 'Thank You' for the advice on Hattington today. What a great winner at 9/1 Brilliant!
You are in scintillating form at the moment - the best racing service by far! Let me know when I can re-subscribe for the next year! "

"Can you foresee the races??

That was a brilliant call! Had I had enough cash in my account on betfair, I would certainly lay all other runners . Anyway, I had said all the words already and in the past and I think I don't need to say anymore - cheers for the winner and the analysis of the race!"

"Thanks for all your recent efforts - it's been a great run! I am delighted I have joined and with your professionalism, discipline and insight . I managed to do fantastically well yesterday as I put far more than normal stakes on Jedeydd in expectation of laying at back at far lower prices later in the day - in the event the exchanges only moved in very late and I left most of it open! Thank you once again."

"Hi Mathematician,
Many thanks for your lovely winner, I got 10/1 & 12/1.
I can safely say that you are now in winners zone, whatever you are doing, keep on doing it. I think I will change your name to "The Master" from today. "

" Can I say. I've always said to people "If you take racing seriously, subscribe to The Mathematician, if only for his Daily Racing Review. It is well put together and the man teaches you so much.

Your service has always been superb Value for money. I am on a private web site and I have joined in the naps comp for the first time this month and am streaking away 20 points clear of the field. I do pick my own but only after I've read your e-mail. "

"Just wanted to say good luck with the new site and thanks for an excellent service to date. Some of the betting tricks you have taught me I will carry through life.

I have had some good winners from you over the months but I believe deciding to join you in the first place, is still the best bet I have ever made."

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